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Pulmonology (Respiratory Diseases)
Pulmonology (Respiratory Diseases)

The Department of Pulmonology and sleep medicine offers management of acute and chronic lung diseases by a team of highly trained and experienced physicians. They provide treatment in the outpatient setting, as well as inpatients and those in intensive care units (ICU).The consultants are experienced in the management of chronic diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), allergies, asthma, and tuberculosis. They manage patients with malignancies of the lung along with the surgeons and medical oncologists.

Pulmonology (Respiratory Diseases) 

➤ Allergy

➤ Asthma COPD

➤ Bronchiectasis

➤ Interstitial lung Diseases

➤ Tuberculosis

➤ Pneumonia

➤ Occupational Lung Diseases

➤ Lung Cancer

➤ Sleep Disordered Breathing

➤ Obstructive Sleep Apnea

➤ Snoring / Sleep-Related Disorders

➤ Respiratory Critical Care

➤ Interventional Pulmonology - Bronchoscopy

➤ Thoracoscopy

➤ Smoking Cessation

➤ Adult Vaccination



Obstetrics & Gynaecology

➤ Antenatal Checkup

➤ High-Risk Pregnancy Care

➤ Infertility Workup and treatment

➤ Family Planning Advice

➤ Menstrual Disorders

➤ Menopausal Counseling

➤ Cervical Cancer Sensuming

➤ Well Women Clinic